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Hire a grinder

Whether you’re cutting steel, masonry or other materials, using a grinder can help you get the job done. We’ve got a selection of grinders from single phase angle grinders to high speed air grinders and more.

Hire an angle grinder

Our single phase angle grinders start at 100mm disks, which are best for small cutting jobs for steel or masonry. For higher speed grinding jobs consider hiring a 180mm grinder. Our grinders also have attachments for polishing, brushing and other tasks.

Hire a dustless angle grinder

If you’re working in a confined space or with hazardous materials, you’ll want to consider hiring a dustless angle grinder. Best for larger masonry and metal jobs, this dustless grinder makes the workplace safer by reducing inhalation of dust and other materials while cutting them.

Hire an air grinder

Our high speed air grinders are powerful tools that do away with the hazards of electrical cables while cutting, and don’t tend to create sparks while cutting. Air powered tools are a favourite amongst many DIYers with a high rotations per minute range and weightless design, they’re powerful, easy to use and will help you to get the job done faster.

Hire a straight electric grinder

Our straight electric grinders are ideal for working in narrow spaces where it might be difficult to fit a typical angle grinder. Talk to a Hirepool expert about your specific requirements.

Get started

Whatever your cutting, grinding or polishing requirements, we’ve got grinders that are right for the job. From lightweight air powered grinders through to dustless grinders, our selection is sure to satisfy most job requirements. Getting started is easy. Simply use our online booking system and you’ll be set! You can also pop into your local Hirepool if you’d like to get some recommendations from the team.