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Hire a generator for your lighting tower

If you plan on using a light tower, chances are you’ll need a generator too. Generators can serve many purposes at a construction site, as it provides power for not only construction equipment, but the lighting too. If you’re interested in getting a generator, you should consider getting a portable generator, so that it can be easily transported between projects.

Types of generators

There are many types of generators you can get, from towable generators to skid mounted to generators/welders for construction site use. You can choose a trailerised generator/mobile welder that will make transportation of the generator much easier and will save you a lot of time. Another option could be to hire Hirepool’s silenced towable generator. 

Operating a generator

To operate a generator, simply plug in all appliances to be powered by the generator and then turn on the master power outlet control switch/circuit breaker. Generators should generally only be operated outside as they release carbon monoxide which could be dangerous in an enclosed space. You should also ensure that the combined total wattage of all the electrical devices you’ve plugged in don’t exceed the capacity of the generator. 

Get started

Consider hiring a generator from Hirepool instead of buying one. You may not require a generator all the time, so hiring can be a cost effective option as you’ll only need to pay for when you use it. Aside from the saved costs, hiring makes the process more convenient for you - you won’t have to worry about maintenance or storage costs! 

If you’re still unsure about what generator to get, you can pop into your local Hirepool and get advice from our experienced and skilled workers who will point you in the right direction. Or simply book yours online today!