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Generator Accesssories & Cables

Hire from our selection of generator accessories and cables with Hirepool. If you’re using a generator or simply need to improve your power distribution with an extension lead, it’s important to do so safely. Whether you require a box splitter for distributing single phase electricity or a temporary noise barrier to reduce noise on your worksite, we’ve got the equipment that will meet your requirements.

Hire a box splitter

Box splitters are ideal for safely distributing power between generators to tools and other power sources. We have box splitters for single phase to single phase distribution, or three phase to single phase. Box splitters also provide additional safety for working outside in damp or wet areas.

Hire a three phase splitter box

This three phase splitter box is for distributing three phase power to single phase electricity safely. If you’ll be working in damp areas, consider hiring this three phase 63 amp splitter box.

Hire extension leads

Hire a heavy duty extension lead for distributing power. With lengths available from 10m to 30m, this single phase 10amp extension lead is ideal for distributing power to hard to access areas.

For three phase distribution, consider this 32 amp three phase extension lead. With up to 30m of extra access, you’ll have no trouble working across large worksites.

Hire a temporary noise blocker

Minimise noise in work areas with a temporary noise barrier. This noise barrier absorbs noise, reducing it by up to 40dB. This is great when working with noisy tools in quiet areas!

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Hiring power generator accessories and extensions is simple with Hirepool. Depending on your specific power distribution requirements, consider talking to an expert at your nearest Hirepool branch. To get started, you can fill out a product enquiry online or visit a Hirepool near you today.