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Furniture Trailers

Hire from our selection of furniture trailers with Hirepool. Our furniture trailers are perfect for transporting cartons or boxes on moving day for the home or for the office.

Hire a single axle furniture trailer

Suitable for lighter loads, our single axle furniture trailers will make your moving job quick and easy. This single axle furniture trailer is covered to protect your furniture, boxes and other belongings from weather exposure. It also has a lowerable rear door for added ease while packing. The maximum load for most of our single axle furniture trailers is 600kg.

Hire a tandem axle trailer

Our large tandem axle trailers are suitable for carrying heavy loads of furniture, boxes or other objects. Like our single axle options, these tandem axle trailers have a covered trailer for protecting your belongings. This trailer is perfect if you have a slightly heavier load - it’s able to carry up to 900kg. With a rear, fold-down ramp for easy access, you’ll get your move completed in no time!

Hire a high side trailer

Our high side trailers are great for moving furniture like couches, as well as other materials. Whether you’re cleaning up after moving, or need to fit large objects, we have up to 2.7m long trailers available. With the highside and rear loading ramp, packing your trailer and moving objects couldn’t be easier.

Get started

It’s simple to hire a furniture trailer with Hirepool. Before you begin your moving task, we recommend measuring your largest pieces of furniture to be sure that the trailer will fit your size requirements. To get started, simply fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool branch today.