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Floor Strippers

Take the manual labour out of removing tiles, lino and other flooring materials by hiring a floor stripper. Floor strippers are perfect for clearing a floor before you polish, wax or lay carpet. We’ve got a range of floor strippers to help make your floor preparation job much faster!

Hire a floor stripper

Our standard walk-behind floor stripper will help you to remove lino from the floor with ease. With a sharp blade, the floor stripper breaks through glue and lifts tiles straight off the floor. With adjustable blades, the walk-behind floor stripper will be suitable for most floors. 

Hire a floor scrubber

Once you’ve stripped lino or tiles from the floor, you’ll need to smooth the surface before you complete further finishing work, such as polishing or waxing. A floor scrubber and sander is a dual purpose machine that can help to smooth general wooden surfaces. 

Hire a trolley for a breaker

Removing floor coverings such as tiles can be time-consuming and difficult. This trolley for a breaker will allow you to walk behind the breaker and significantly reduce the manual work required. See your selection of breakers for hire here.

Get started

Hiring a floor stripper is easy with Hirepool. Depending on your floor coverings, speak to a Hirepool expert about whether you might require a sander, stripper and trolley to best prepare your floors. To get started, either fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool branch today.