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Floor Polisher

Leave your floors looking tidy and sparkling clean with our selection of floor polishers and sweepers. Hiring a floor polisher or sweeper is a cost-effective way to maintain and brighten floors in businesses, schools, offices and other areas. All of our floor polishers are simple to use, no matter what size floor you’re trying to polish!

Hire an electric floor polisher

Our electric floor polishers are fantastic hand-pushed devices that will give your floors a commercial looking quality finish. With non-skid wheels and a furniture guard, this electric floor polisher has a low noise motor, making it suitable for use at all times of day. 

Hire a walk-behind sweeper

We’ve got a range of vacuum floor sweepers for quick and effective removal of dust or loose debris. All of our sweepers are simple to operate, and are electric or battery powered making them convenient to use in any workspace. 

For fast removal of waste, consider hiring this walk-behind sweeper. With dual heads, it can easily collect loose debris while you gently push it along your desired cleaning area.

For larger spaces, consider using this walk behind floor sweeper along with the battery operated scrubber and cleaner. The floor sweeper comes with a traction drive making it easy to collect dust as well as loose debris. For hardwood floors, tiles and other surfaces, the scrubber and cleaner will polish and clean your floors. Both of these sweepers have eco operating options, for extra quiet noise in sensitive areas.

Get started

It’s simple to hire a floor polisher or sweeper with Hirepool. Depending on your cleaning area and the intended duration of hire, consider speaking to a Hirepool expert about your specific needs. To get started, either fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool branch.