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Flood Lights

Hire flood lights

Flood lights are a very powerful source of lighting that can light up a huge construction site with ease. When the sun starts to fade, getting sufficient lighting is very important not just to make the job easier, but for your safety too. Don’t settle for poor lighting when you’re out working late at night and use flood lights - you won’t regret it!

If you’re hiring with Hirepool, you get to choose from the light sets 500/1000w and the light stand set 500/1000w. Both are very effective at increasing visibility in darkness, but the light stand set offers a heightened range too.

Setting up flood lights

To set up the flood lights, you first need to locate a nearby power source - whether that’s from an inside outlet or a generator. Connect it to that power source and using the tripod stand, bring the light to its maximum height. From there, within seconds you’ll have a much more visible workspace, so that you can get your job done faster!

Get started

While flood lights can be very useful, you may not need to use them everyday.  If this is the case for you, you should consider hiring the flood lights instead of buying them. Hiring from Hirepool saves you the trouble of finding storage space for flood lights and the maintenance required to keep the flood lights running smoothly as Hirepool takes care of that for you! On top of this, you’ll likely save big bucks by hiring rather than buying as flood lights can be very expensive to purchase!

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