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Excavator Breakers & Attachments

Hire from our selection of excavators breakers and other attachments at your local Hirepool branch today. From breaking concrete to compacting materials, excavator or digger attachments are versatile and help with any number of earth moving, landscaping and other tasks. Depending on your project, we’ve got a range of excavator breakers and attachments that will help.

Hire an excavator breaker attachment

An excavator breaker will make breaking masonry or asphalt tasks much easier and faster to complete. We have excavator or digger breakers suitable for 1 - 2.9 tonne diggers, right through to 18 - 33 tonne excavators. This hydraulic breaker is designed to fit a 7 - 11 tonne excavator. At 294 kg in weight, it’s a heavy duty breaker that will speed up your breaking task.


Hire a hydraulic auger

Our hydraulic augers fit 1.5 tonne to 9 tonne excavators and allow you to easily bore post and other holes.  This hydraulic auger fits 6.5 to 9 tonne excavators and can be used as a standalone borer or on the auxiliary hydraulic lines of excavators.


Other excavator attachments

For other jobs, we have excavator rippers, root rakes and other attachments available. Use a root rake to help you remove stumps and roots from soil. For compacting ground or driving fence posts consider a hydraulic plate compactor. Talk to your local Hirepool expert for all available excavator attachments for hire.


Get started

We make hiring excavator breakers and attachments easy. All of our equipment comes with simple to follow operating instructions, so that you can complete your project safely. We recommend talking to your local Hirepool expert about the excavator you’ll be using and what breakers or attachments will work best. Simply visit your nearest Hirepool branch or fill in a quick quote form to get started.

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What excavator do you need for your job?

Excavators or diggers are a common piece of equipment that’s used in construction on a day-to-day basis. They’re built for heavy duty digging and hauling - whether it’s gravel or debris you’re trying to move, an excavator will be able to move it quickly and without too much effort. An excavator isn’t just used on construction sites though, and can be helpful in achieving your more ambitious DIY projects on your property too.