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Excavator 30 to 39 Tonne

Excavator 30 to 39 Tonne

Excellent larger sized machine with standard tail swing. Suitable for all types of excavation. ROP's frame, cab, steel tracks, with a range of buckets available. Some units also have tilt options.

Specifications (will vary by model)

Group Number : 339J
Weight (kg) : 29600
Height (mm) : 3365
Width (mm) : 3200
Length (mm) : 10620
Fuel tank capacity (l) : 450
Max digging depth (mm) : 7330
Max digging height (mm) : 10345
Max digging reach (mm) : 10735
Max digging force (kgf) : 18100

Specification Sheets

Not all products are available in all branches. Please call to check availability.

Excavator 30 to 39 Tonne

Instruction for Use Sheet

Excavator rev2 PDF 114 KB

Safety Notes

The above safety notes are required for safe use of this equipment.

Transport Notes