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Hire from our selection of earthmoving equipment at your local Hirepool branch. We have a wide range of equipment to help with all of your earthmoving jobs, such as excavators and diggers, dumpers, wheel loaders, mini skid steer loaders, tractor graders and more. Talk to your local Hirepool expert about your specific earthmoving project today.

These IFU's contain information for the safe use and operation of equipment. The are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed.

Hiring earthmoving equipment

Most earthmoving projects will require a few pieces of equipment to get the job done. Depending on your project size, you may require a mini excavator and mini skid steer loader for smaller jobs, or equipment like our full size excavators and loaders for larger jobs.

Whether you’re planning to dig a trench at home, building a retaining wall, building a new driveway for your lifestyle section or completing a commercial landscaping project, earthmoving equipment can help. One of the advantages of hiring is that you can use our equipment on a one-off basis, without incurring the purchase and maintenance costs, or having to worry about where to store it and how to keep it secure.

There’s often multiple steps involved in an earthmoving project, which may mean you need to plan ahead and think about a few different pieces of equipment to get the job done. In these cases, you should take a look at our attachment options. This 1.5 - 1.7 tonne excavator, for example, can be used for breaking concrete with an excavator attachment before you start digging. As always, you should speak to your local Hirepool expert to discuss your specific project needs.


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It’s easy to hire earthmoving equipment with Hirepool. All of our equipment comes with simple to follow operating instructions. Depending on your earthmoving project, consider talking to a local Hirepool expert about your requirements. Simply fill in a quick quote form or visit your nearest Hirepool branch to get started.

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Top tips for excavator safety on the job site

Whether it’s residential or commercial work, time is money and everyone is looking to save where they can. Manually digging holes or excavating is certainly a thing of the past when you have great options like hiring equipment. When you look at the cost of weeks of manual labour versus days of equipment hire, there is no competition - hiring is smarter.


What excavator do you need for your job?

Excavators or diggers are a common piece of equipment that’s used in construction on a day-to-day basis. They’re built for heavy duty digging and hauling - whether it’s gravel or debris you’re trying to move, an excavator will be able to move it quickly and without too much effort. An excavator isn’t just used on construction sites though, and can be helpful in achieving your more ambitious DIY projects on your property too.