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Fix and fasten picture frames, skirting, and other materials, or do advanced core drilling with our wide selection of drills and accessories for hire. Whatever the job, we have your drilling needs sorted.

Hire a cordless drill

If you’re putting together a flat pack bookcase or need to fix a picture frame hook to the wall, a cordless drill will get the job done. With a range of applications and  a simple to charge battery pack, the cordless drill can drill steel and wood without the need for power cords.

Hire a right angle drill

A right angle drill will help you drill steel, wood and other materials. Small and lightweight, the right angle drill is compact and designed to help you drill in confined and awkward spaces. 

Hire a magnetic broach drill

If you need a heavy duty drill for drilling holes in steel beams, you’ll need a magnetic broach drill. This drill is perfect for broaching, countersinking and other drilling tasks. The magnet helps to clamp to the steel material for an accurate result.

Get started

From drilling steel, timber, gib, concrete and other materials our selection of purpose-built drills will get the job done. To hire a drill, simply use our online booking system to get a quote and check availability in your area. If you’re not sure what tool might be right for the job, you can also visit your nearest Hirepool to speak to an expert.

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