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We have a range of different sized diaphragm pumps available for hire at Hirepool. Depending on your dewatering requirements, whether you need to remove liquids, a mixture of thicker substances like water, mud, sand or sludge, our diaphragm pumps can help.

Hire 38mm to 75mm diaphragm pumps

We’ve got a number of diaphragm pumps for your dewatering task. Quickly get rid of slurries and other liquids with this 38mm > 50mm diaphragm pump. With a 50mm suction diameter and the ability to pump 580 litres per minute, you’ll be able to remove fuel, oil and other materials from your work area or construction site. This diaphragm pumps also requires an air compressor to operate it. Before you get started, consider speaking to a Hirepool expert about which equipment you might require.

Hire a 75 lpm sludge pump

For heavy duty requirements, this 75 litres per minute sludge pump will help you complete your dewatering or drainage task much faster.  With a petrol pull-start motor and 8m suction head, this powerful diaphragm pump will handle most materials with thick materials that smaller diaphragm pumps can’t. Consider hiring a layflat delivery hose with your pump to discharge materials. We have a range of different layflat hoses available depending on your requirements.

Get started

It’s easy to hire a diaphragm pump with Hirepool. Make sure that you’re clear on which accessories you might require to complete your job, such as a compressor or hoses. It might be best to speak to a Hirepool expert first, to get clear on what you might need. To get started, fill out a quick quote form online or visit your local Hirepool branch.