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Concrete Vibrators

Hire from our selection of concrete vibrators at your local Hirepool branch. We’ve got a range of concrete vibrators to help you complete your project faster.

Hire a concrete vibrator

A concrete vibrator helps to ensure that your concrete pour is strong, consolidated, even and free of air bubbles.  Using a concrete vibrator, you’ll get an even and professional looking finish for your concrete.

We have 25mm to 65mm concrete vibrators, which are suitable for most concrete jobs. If you’re working with medium sized areas, such as floors, try a 25-32mm electric concrete vibrator. With a 2-3m metre shaft length, this concrete vibrator is simple to use and will ensure you get a high quality finish for your masonry project.

For larger concrete jobs, try a petrol powered concrete vibrator. Avoid dragging power leads through your concrete pour and with a 2.5hp 2 stroke engine, you’ll be able to work much faster.

We also have air concrete vibrators for hire. Ranging weights from 3kg to 20kg, air concrete vibrators are simple to operate and easy to maneuver.

To help ensure you get the best concrete finish, you may also want to see our selection of concrete power floats or concrete bull floats. These will help you achieve an even finish after vibrating your concrete.  

Get started

All of our equipment comes with simple to follow operating instructions. We recommend speaking to your local Hirepool branch about availability. Simply fill in a quick quote form to get started.