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Concrete Surface Preparation

Prepare your concrete surface quickly and easily by hiring from our selection of concrete surface preparation tools.

Hire a concrete float

Properly finishing your concrete surface gives it a high quality, smooth appearance. A concrete power float will create a level and smooth finish on any large area of concrete, such as a driveway or outdoor patio.

Try a pushable concrete float for trowelling and finishing large concrete areas. These have adjustable blades which allow you to work with different areas of concrete and achieve your desired finish. With 4 blades, this petrol powered concrete float is simple to use and will help you finish your job quickly.


Concrete screed hand type

For a smooth and level concrete finish, try a handheld concrete screed. These are ideal for paths or driveways around your home. You can also use them on industrial floors.

As you work with large areas of wet concrete, you may come across hard to reach areas. That’s where the concrete bull float will be useful. With a long handle you’ll be able to finish hard to reach areas of concrete. Talk to your local Hirepool branch about what selection of floats we have available.

Get started

All of our equipment comes with simple to follow operating instructions. We recommend speaking to your local Hirepool branch about availability. Fill in a quick quote form to get started.