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Browse our selection of high performance chainsaws and pruners for your landscaping or gardening needs. Our range includes cordless, petrol and battery powered chainsaws, as well as 2 stroke and battery powered pruners and extenders.

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Hire a chainsaw or pruner

At Hirepool, we make it fast and convenient to hire a quality chainsaw or pruner. Whether you’re looking to prune trees in hard to reach places, trim branches around your home or getting your firewood ready for the upcoming winter, our chainsaws and pruners can do the job.

Each of our available chainsaws and pruners are well maintained and simple to operate. If it’s your first time operating a chainsaw or pruner, our equipment is accompanied by safety instructions. We’ve also included easy to follow operating procedures, which will make tending to your landscaping or gardening needs that much simpler.

We offer a range of sizes for both chainsaws and pruners, which will fit most general landscaping or gardening requirements around the home. If you are unsure of what size you need, we can help you make that decision.

For general trimming around your property or cutting firewood, take a look at our 16’ petrol bar chainsaw.

Start by browsing our range and then get a quick quote. We also rent all the personal protective equipment you’ll need to keep you safe while doing your job.


Using a pruner

We recommend using a pruner for harder to reach places. You could hire either a 2 stroke petrol pruner extender, or a battery powered saw extension pruner to avoid the need for power cables.

With a maximum reach of 3.9 metres, pruner extensions are simple to operate and can make trimming tall trees or hard to reach branches safer.

Talk to an expert from Hirepool about your specific chainsaw or pruning needs today.

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Chainsaw use

Top Chainsaw Tips and Tricks

Hirepool has a variety of different chainsaw models and brands in our range, and many of them require different tricks to get the best out of their use. So, we’ve provided a foolproof guide on simple tips and tricks to get the best out of your chainsaw hire!