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Centrifugal Trash

Hire from our selection of centrifugal trash pumps at Hirepool. Centrifugal trash pumps are ideal for clearing drains and other mixed liquids, with capabilities to remove hard and soft solids such as twigs, leaves, mud, sludge and more.

Hire a 700 lpm centrifugal trash pump

This 700 litres per minute centrifugal trash pump will allow you to quickly dewater your worksite, trench or other area. With a simple to use manual pull-start petrol motor, this machine will handle the removal of most small solids and thicker liquids.

Hire a silenced diesel centrifugal trash pump

If you have specific noise requirements, or you’re working with thicker substances, this 2600 litres per minute, silenced diesel centrifugal pump will be ideal for your job. If you’re completing a dewatering task, consider hiring pump accessories for the job too.

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It’s easy to hire a centrifugal trash pump with Hirepool. Quickly and easily dewater a variety of small solids and other liquids without clogging your pump. Before you begin your dewatering task, consider speaking to a Hirepool expert about your requirements. To get started, simply fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool location.