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Carpet Stretchers

For the best quality carpet installation, hire a carpet stretcher from Hirepool. Carpet stretchers allow you to keep carpet tight while you’re laying it, which will reduce the chance of ripples and achieve a better quality finish. Improve the installation of new quality carpet, or repair old carpet with a carpet stretcher today.

Hire a telescopic carpet stretcher

Telescopic carpet stretchers are operated with a lever, making it easier and faster to tighten your carpet. With sharp tines, the telescopic carpet stretcher easily hooks into carpet without damaging it, and can be used to create a level finish of your carpet against walls and joins between carpets. 

Hire a knee kicker

Knee kicker carpet stretchers are simple to use and perfect for smaller carpet installations or maintenance. By using your knee, install your carpet tightly against walls and keep your carpet free of ripples. 

Hire a floor stripper

To keep your carpet smooth when completing a carpet installation job, you’ll need a smooth, level floor. Consider hiring a floor stripper to make quick work of clearing your floor of rough surfaces, paint and other materials. 

Get started

Whether you’re repairing your current carpet or thinking of installing new carpet at your property or workplace, make sure you use a carpet stretcher to achieve a professional finish. Before you hire, speak to a Hirepool expert about your floor area to check which equipment is most suitable for your job. To get started, either fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool branch.