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Carpet Cleaners

Extend the life of your carpet by hiring a carpet cleaner. Whether you’ve got a stain, spill or would like to deep clean your carpet, a carpet cleaner will make the job much easier. With our range of carpet cleaners, you can easily shampoo and clean upholstery, carpet, and other materials and have them looking brand new!

Hire a carpet shampoo machine

Cleaning and shampooing your carpet is really simple using a carpet cleaning machine. To get started, simply fill up the tank with water and add the carpet cleaning formula. Once the cleaner is turned on, push the machine over your desired area for cleaning. This electric powered dual hose carpet cleaner has great suction and a 11.4 litre tank to help you reinvigorate your carpet. 

Hire vacuum cleaners

Before you clean or shampoo your carpet, it’s worthwhile to thoroughly vacuum it to remove any loose debris, dust or other materials that might compromise the quality of the carpet shampoo. At Hirepool, we have a selection of wet/dry vacuum cleaners which will help you remove any liquids or lose debris before you begin your cleaning job. 

Get started

It’s easy to hire a carpet cleaner with Hirepool. Whether you’re cleaning out a deep stain or looking to refresh your whole carpet, we can help. To hire a carpet cleaner, either fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool branch