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Hirepool Trade Customer - Innovate Civil & Contracting

Barry from Innovatecc has been partnering with Hirepool since the ’90s to get his projects done smarter. Barry chalks up his loyalty to Hirepool’s reliability, well-maintained gear and friendly service.  Learn more about how Hirepool can help your trade business below! 


A great relationship with a trusted equipment provider

A great partnership with Hirepool over the years means Barry has been a loyal customer for a few decades. He’s been working with the Hirepool team since the ’90s, and has relied on us to get his gear to site since he started in the industry - “I’ve always used them, I’ve actually never gone anywhere else”. 


Working in the civil & construction industry meantime is money for Barry, so he needs gear to be reliable and ready to go. Barry reckons- “Hirepool [have] helped me work smarter in quite a few ways, the main thing is timing and having the right equipment on-site to achieve what we’re trying to do” Being able to access the right equipment, especially when tight schedules are involved is a must. Having a team of Hirepool experts who can help arrange the required gear means he saves valuable time and money.


Excellent quality gear is essential

At Hirepool we take pride in the quality of our gear and how well we keep our equipment serviced and maintained. For Barry, this makes a difference; “I’ve always used them from small plate compactors to scaffolding to heavy machinery”. He’s enjoyed the benefits that all Hirepool customers do - great quality tools that are checked and serviced by our expert team before and after every Hire, with the green tag guarantee.  


Saving on costs by hiring equipment

Being able to hire gear from Hirepool rather than owning a lot of gear is a big advantage in the civil industry. Barry recalls  “We have had a job where the batteries were stolen out of the Hirepool gear, and [Hirepool] have just come straight out and replaced them. If we’ve ever had a hose leak, we’ve had no issues at all with getting it replaced...or fixed on site.” ”. For companies like Innovate Civil and Construction, this kind of service is essential to keep costs low and the project running to time.


Why Hirepool vs. other providers?

Over the past 20 (or-so) years, we’ve been proud to offer Innovate Civil and Construction quality gear and expert advice. When working in the Civil Industry, businesses like Barry’s need experts beside them to ensure their job is going to run smoothly - “I’ve always found the Hirepool staff to be really accommodating and friendly, when we ring up we always get put to the right branch, and they always give me the right advice when I need it”. 


Partnering with Hirepool as a trade business

Chatting to Barry, he recommends Hirepool to other trade businesses because “they’re very professional, always give you the right advice and always there when you need them with the right equipment”. With a good equipment provider like Hirepool, Innovate Civil & Construction can trust that they can have essential, well-maintained gear on-site in no time. 


Interested in becoming a trade customer with Hirepool?

You’ll get all the great benefits that Barry talks about plus:


  • Ongoing in-person and phone support 

  • Trade discounts and benefits

  • Monthly updates on news and member benefits

  • Get the gear you need and pay later

  • No bond on equipment hire