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Hirepool Trade Customer - BPS Concrete Ltd

Brian Slater of BPS Concrete LTD doesn’t have time to muck around with gear of varying quality from different providers. Hear why Hirepool makes his life easier as a trade customer:


A great relationship with a trusted equipment provider

Brian has enjoyed a loyal relationship with the team at Hirepool for almost 40 years - especially from the team at New Lynn .“Paul is excellent - and Denise who works there I’ve known for over 30 years. So, obviously shows that Hirepool retains their staff”. Concreting can be a time-sensitive job - along with ensuring a quick pour, having access to gear when Briant needs it is key to running his business. so Having Paul and the team ready to arrange last-minute gear saves him time and money, while giving him peace of mind that the job will get done without any hiccups.  


Excellent quality gear is essential

With Hirepool, “Your gear’s all sorted and well maintained, so you pick up a concrete saw, it looks brand new...clean and it starts first try” BPS Concrete benefit from Hirepools reliable gear which is serviced and well maintained after every hire. Having access to fast reliable gear is essential for Brian who, on occasion experiences breakages with his own equipment. 


Why Hirepool vs. other providers

Over the past 40 years, Hirepool are proud to have provided BPS Concrete Ltd with personal service like no other hire company. Brian reckons “Hirepool saved me a couple of times - especially if a water blaster has broken down when washing a big exposed and I’ve got limited time and had to race away” - “it’s not during the times that everything is going well that people come to the fall, it’s when suddenly we’ve had a breakdown and we need another piece of equipment that services like Hirepool are essential”. 


What kind of landscaping business should use Hirepool?

Brian remarks “Hirepool would be most suited to everyone really, there is no site or business that Hirepool can’t help”. From using Hirepool gear for his own DIY around the house to his commercial concrete jobs, he feels confident that all equipment, from small tools to larger equipment is professional-grae and is ready to go when you need it. 


Partnering with Hirepool as a trade business

Chatting to Brian, he recommends other businesses partner with Hirepool because of “their service, how many branches they have everywhere and the quality of their gear”. He points out that working with a reliable equipment provider like Hirepool saves Brian time and helps get the job done  - “Hirepool has saved me a couple of times - especially if a water blaster has broken down when washing a big exposed and I’ve got limited time and had to race away”


Interested in becoming a trade customer with Hirepool?

You’ll get all the benefits that Brian talks about plus:


  • Ongoing in-person and phone support 

  • Exclusive Discounts 

  • Monthly updates on news and member benefits 

  • Get the gear you need and pay later 

  • No bond on equipment hire