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Guide - Cut posts to height

Even with your best efforts with measuring the right length of your post, rails and palings, it’s almost impossible to get the correct height with each one. Rather than focus all of your efforts on cutting each post to the exact length, you can install the posts first and then trim each one to an even height. This will prove to be a much easier task and will help get the best look possible for your fence. 

Cutting the posts to height is a common task when building a fence, as it’s always great to have your fences, decks and retaining walls looking as good and as possible. It’s not the hardest task to do and the end result makes it worth the effort and time. 


Equipment needed for the job 

All you need to cut the posts to an even height is a circular saw. Using a circular saw rather than a manual saw or any other type of saw will give you greater control, ensuring that you’ll have a clean cut rather than a rough one. If you don’t have a circular saw with you, there’s no need to worry as Hirepool have got you covered. You can easily hire a circular saw from Hirepool that will help you get the job done in a jiffy! You have two options for circular saws when you hire from Hirepool - one being a 175-250mm corded circular saw and the other is a 175-250mm cordless circular saw. The main difference between the two is that one has a cord and the other doesn’t. 

To cut the posts at an angle, your best option is either a handsaw for more a more precise cut or a reciprocating saw or sabre saw to make it easier and faster. If you’re after a sabre saw, you’re in luck because Hirepool you covered. You can choose from a battery sabre saw or a corded sabre saw, both are good options but the corded saw will provide more power while the battery-powered sabre saw is convenient if you are working away from a convenient power source. 


Circle Saw

Steps for cutting posts to height 


Stage 1: Measuring & Marking 

Measure twice, cut once. Here’s how it's done:

  • Measure the two end posts to the desired height and mark a line each side of the two posts.

  • If you have a chalk line with you, run this along the length of the fence, lining it up with the marks you made on the two posts. 

  • Once you’ve lined it up perfectly, release the string and it should make chalk mark on each post. This line should be your guide as to where you should be cutting. 

If you don’t have a chalk line with you, you may have to measure each post manually with a tape measure and mark a line, which can make it less accurate and straight than it would be with a chalk line. 


Stage 2: Cutting the posts with the saw 

Now that you’ve measured and marked out the guide line, it’s time to start cutting the posts. You’ll need a circular saw for this. Make sure you’ve got all of the protective equipment such as earmuffs, eye goggles and gloves to protect yourself from any accidents and to help make the cut easier. If you have sensitive airways you might even want to strap on a dust mask as there tends to be a lot of residual sawdust. 

  • Set the blade to the full cutting depth by using the central lever. 

  • Once you’ve got this ready, line up the saw with the height of the mark you’ve made on the first post. 

  • Pull the trigger on the rear handle and push the saw gradually over the mark you’ve made on the post. After each cut you should release the trigger to stop the blade so that you don’t strike anything else with the saw. 


Stage 3: Cut the posts off on a slight angle 

Something else you can do after you’ve cut the posts to the same height, is to cut the posts off on a slight angle. This helps water drain off the posts and helps avoid soaking into the grain, which can split the wood and make it susceptible to rotting. You can either cut the angle by eye, or if you’re wanting perfect results, then you can use a protractor and a bevel square to mark the exact cut for each post. 

If you’re using a sabre saw to make the cut:

  • Holding the Sabre saw with both hands, line up the blade with the marked line and pull the trigger to start the saw

  • When saw is running at full power, place it lightly on the wood and apply solid pressure throughout the entire cut. 

  • Repeat for each post. 


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