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Hirepool Trade Customer - J&R Contracting

  • 10 Dec, 2020

Rob from J&R Contracting has been partnering with Hirepool for years because of their reliability, high-quality gear and exceptional service.  Learn more about how Hirepool can help your trade business. 



A great relationship with a trusted equipment provider

Rob from J&R Contracting enjoys the service relationship with his Hirepool team, with the ability to rely on the same people each job, time and time again. Working in a fast-paced industry, Rob needs gear to be ready and on-site often at short notice. Being able to access the right equipment, especially when site safety is involved is a must. Having a team of Hirepool experts who can help arrange the required gear means he saves time and money while keeping his crew safe. . 


Excellent quality gear is essential

“We know the gear we get from Hirepool has been checked and serviced, and we’re actually trying to bring some of the processes in that Hirepool have to [servicing] our gear. That’s because we’ve just been so impressed with the quality of gear”. J&R Contracting enjoy the benefit that all Hirepoolr customers do - great quality tools that are checked and serviced before and after every hire. Trying to fix or maintain equipment can become costly if you’re a small trade business, not to mention the lost time that could be spent earning on site.

Saving on costs by hiring equipment vs. ownership

Being able to hire gear from Hirepool rather than owning a lot of gear is a big advantage in the civil industry. Especially for trade companies like J&R who complete lots of “little, little jobs”, it can make more sense to hire gear as it’s needed instead of covering the overheads and maintenance costs. . Rob says J&R have saved money in the past by hiring trucks from Hirepool instead of buying one for a three month job. “So instead of having three trucks now just sitting in a yard, we could return them to Hirepool”. 


Why Hirepool vs. other providers?

Sometimes while dealing with big business, you can find your relationship to be merely functional, lacking in banter and the opportunity to build a relationship. However, as Rob recalls “It feels more personal with Hirepool, so we’re not just J&R Contracting - we’re Rob, Leo, Pete and Jono. Sometimes you’re just another number, whereas with Hirepool you get that personal touch” 


Partnering with Hirepool as a trade business

Chatting to Rob, he recommends other trade businesses “partner with Hirepool simply because of their reliability, quality and service”. He points out that working with a good equipment provider like Hirepool means J&R Contracting can have essential gear on site in half an hour, helping them to complete their job the smart way.   



You’ll get all the benefits that Rob talks about plus:

 - Trade rates and flexible hire options

 - Exclusive trade deals and discounts

- No Bond on Hire items

- Deferred Payment