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Hirepool Trade Customer - Huia Landscapes Ltd

  • 13 Nov, 2020

Shamus Crawford of Huia Landscapes Ltd doesn’t have time to muck around with gear that varies in quality from different providers. Hear why Hirepool makes his life easier as a trade customer:


A great relationship with a trusted equipment provider

Shamus enjoys the service relationship with his Hirepool team, with the ability to rely on the same people each job, time and time again. Working in landscaping, Shamus is used to the job changing quickly and requiring different equipment throughout a project. Being able to access the right equipment when he needs it is key to running his business, so having an expert Hirepool team to arrange this means he saves time and money. 


Excellent quality gear is essential

“The quality of Hirepool gear is great; it’s well-serviced, it’s well-looked after. So we know it’s going to operate the way it should do every time”. Huia Landscapes Ltd enjoys the benefit that all our customers do too - great quality tools that are kept serviced and fully operational. Trying to fix a broken piece of equipment is costly for repair and the lost time that would be spent earning.


Saving on costs by hiring equipment vs. ownership

Having the option of hiring vs owning big equipment like a digger is a big draw for Shamus who says that not having to pay or deal with maintenance “saves a lot of gear hassle for me”. Operators who are considering ownership of equipment need to weigh up the cost benefit of ownership vs. how often they need the equipment. For businesses like Huia Landscapes, it simply makes more sense to hire and not hold the overheads involved in owning such a big tool.


Why Hirepool vs. other providers?

It’s common for businesses to use smaller backyard equipment providers to get their projects completed, however if there’s an issue with the tools, it can delay the job. As Shamus recalls: “before Hirepool we used a lot of backyard guys and things like that to try and save money, but it just wasn’t worth it - gear was always broken and just not serviced well enough. So coming to Hirepool we just knew the gear was 100% - it was new gear, well looked after and well serviced.” And like all our trade customers, Shamus “doesn’t have time to muck around with crap gear”.


What kind of landscaping business should use Hirepool?

Hirepool is an equipment provider for everyone from the DIY customer, to small sole operators and the largest commercial operators. “They can help the experienced landscaping through to the big guys” Shamus says. “They’re so broad-spectrum, they cover everybody and everyone knows their name - it’s a good brand”.


Partnering with Hirepool as a trade business

Chatting to Shamus, he recommends other trade businesses “partner with Hirepool because of the professional service and quality of gear”. He points out that working with a good equipment provider like Hirepool saves Huia Landscapes “time and money” - among the most important commodities needed to run a successful business. “They know their gear and we get stuff done”.


Interested in becoming a trade customer with Hirepool?

You’ll get all the benefits that Shamus talks about plus:

 - Trade rates and flexible hire options

 - Exclusive trade deals and discounts

- No Bond on Hire items

- Deferred Payment