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What type of trailer do you need for your towing job?

Hirepool Trailers for Hire

Got stuff to move that won’t fit in your vehicle? Trailers are super handy for transporting items from A to B.  Trailers tend to not be a regularly used piece of equipment, so they’re the perfect thing to hire rather than buy. Save yourself the hassle and expense of storage, registration and maintenance, and not to mention the cost of buying!

Hirepool has a huge range of trailers for hire. This article takes a look at our range and the options best suited to different towing jobs.

Before we launch into those details though, let’s take a quick look at the vehicle requirements for trailer use. For a more in-depth look at the ins and outs of towing, check out our ultimate guide to towing a trailer in NZ article.

Vehicle requirements for towing a trailer

If you’re looking to hire a trailer to help with a job, there are some vehicle requirements you should keep in mind. It’s important for both towing a load safely and ensuring you’re doing so within the law!

Type of Vehicle

A 4WD is ideal, but not always necessary. Check your car’s manual to see if it’s capable of towing and what it’s towing limits are. You’ll also need a car with a tow bar to hitch the trailer and a correctly wired socket to connect the trailer’s brake lights to.

NZTA’s official rules for driving a light vehicle with a trailer are as follows:

  • On a learner or restricted car licence (Class 1) you can tow a trailer but the combined weight of your vehicle, the trailer and its load must not exceed 4500kg.
  • On a full licence the combined weight of your vehicle, the trailer and its load must not exceed 6000kg.

Maximum Safe Laden Weight

Each vehicle has a maximum safe laden (or loaded) weight. Overloading the vehicle beyond this weight can compromise the vehicle's body, brakes, chassis, wheels and/or engine. Before hiring a trailer, check your vehicle’s handbook/manual to find out what it’s safe laden weight is. 

For more detailed information visit NZTA’a Guide to Safe Towing and Loading. Your local Hirepool representative will also be able to help you work out your load limit.

Types of trailers for hire from Hirepool

From taking green waste to the tip following a spot of gardening to moving your furniture to a new home, Hirepool has a great range of trailers to suit just about any towing job you can think of. Our range includes:

You can find more about our range of trailers here! 

Cage/High-Sided Trailers

Cage trailers are a great choice to help you move furniture, loose materials like rubbish, garden prunings and other objects. With high sides, loading ramps and tandem axles with braked models for larger loads, cage trailers ensure you can easily move materials and keep them contained while on the road.

Available SizesLoad CapacityIdeal Use

Caged up to 2.1m x 1.5m Single Axle

465 – 600 kg Smaller loads of furniture, rubbish or garden prunings etc. Consider also hiring a tarpaulin to keep your items contained while you drive. 

High Side 2.7m x 1.5m Single Axle

Up to 1070 kg Moving furniture, rubbish or garden prunings etc. With a sturdy alloy frame, you can transport a range of materials easily and safely. It also has a loading ramp to make it easier to pack.

Caged up to 2.4m x 1.5m Single Axle

Up to 1140 kg Medium sized loads of furniture, rubbish or garden prunings etc. You should also look at hiring a tarpaulin if you’re worried items will fly away while driving. 

Caged up to 2.4m x 1.5m Tandem Axle

1550 – 1950 kg Larger loads of furniture, rubbish or garden prunings etc. Two axles give greater stability and tend to be safer when towed at higher speeds. Most of Hirepool’s tandem trailers are braked for increased safety.

Furniture Trailers

As the name suggests, if you’re moving, a furniture trailer is perfect to shift your items. They allow you to easily stack cartons or move your precious possessions with a rear fold down door and ramp for easy access plus they’re covered to protect against the weather. With single or twin axle models for smaller or larger loads, you’ll get your move done in no time - easy as. 

Available SizesLoad CapacityIdeal Use

High Side 2.7m x 1.5m Single Axle

Up to 1070 kg Great for moving furniture like couches, as well as other materials. With high sides and a rear loading ramp, packing your trailer and moving objects couldn’t be easier.

Furniture Trailer Single Axle

Up to 600 kg Ideally suited to transporting lighter loads of furniture such as bedside tables and chairs, boxes or household goods or other smaller items. This trailer is covered so you don’t need to worry about what the weather will be doing! It also has a lowerable rear door to make loading easy. 

Furniture Trailer Tandem Axle

Up to 900 kg This covered trailer is perfect for shifting heavy loads of furniture such as beds and sofas. It comes with a rear, fold-down ramp to make packing the trailer a piece of cake.

Chiller trailers (h3)

Chiller trailers are ideal for transporting food products for large events, functions or parties. If you’re hosting an event, it’s likely the food and drink budget will be large - don’t let the food spoil or the drinks drop in temperature and hire a chiller trailer to save this from happening. They help maintain consistent temperatures and store food safely while keeping it fresh.

Available Sizes Space CapacityIdeal Use

Small Chiller Trailer

2.88 - 3.23 m3 Small events, functions and parties

Large Chiller Trailer

7 m3 Large events, functions and parties

Single & Tandem Axle Low- Sided/Standard Trailers 

Single or tandem axle trailers come in varying sizes and allow you to transport a range of materials; furniture, garden prunings, construction debris and more. 

For transporting heavier material, a tandem axle trailer is designed for larger loads. Tandem axle trailers are perfect for providing more stability when driving at higher speeds or in varying road conditions. Whether you require a single or tandem axle will totally depend on the type of load you’ll be carrying. You can chat to our Hirepool team if you want to get some more advice!

Available SizesLoad Capacity Ideal Use

Standard Single Axle up to 2.1m x 1.2m 

500 – 650 kg Best suited to smaller clean up or moving jobs.

Standard Single Axle up to 2.4m x 1.3m

Up to 1150 kg Ideal for small to mid-sized clean up or moving jobs. Can also be used to transport small equipment. Hirepool has some tilt models available if you need easier access. 

Standard Tandem Axle up to 2.4m x 1.5m 

1600 – 2000 kg Designed for moving smaller, heavier loads such as builders mix, sand or pallets of block.

Standard Tandem Axle up to 3.0m x 1.5m 

1400 – 1800 kg Great for a mix of smaller but heavier materials, for example, posts and builders cement.

Standard Tandem Axle up to 4.8m x 1.9m

1800 – 1900 kg Perfect for lighter loads that will be packed tightly together, such as stacks of long wood or panels.

Flatdeck Tandem Axle up to 4.2m x 2.0m 

Up to 1800 kg These trailers make it easy to load and unload large, flat items. Particularly popular with builders wanting to transport sheets of gib etc. There are options with or without sides.

Shuttle Luggage Trailer Single Axle

650 – 1150 kg Designed to  fit a number of suitcases, cartons or other bulk items when going on a trip with a group or on a family holiday. Whether it’s a road trip or a drive to the airport, this trailer will come in handy!

Specialised Equipment Trailers 

These trailers are designed for specific machinery or jobs such as moving excavators, diggers, loaders or scissor lifts or transporting fuel or portaloos.

Available SizesLoad capacityIdeal Use

Single Axle Equipment Trailers 

400 – 900 kg Transporting Hirepool equipment to and from site. Some of our equipment is towable itself, but others require another mode of transport.

Tandem Axle For Equipment up to 1.8T 

1150 – 1900 kg Easy transportation of Hirepool equipment and machinery from site to site. This trailer is ideal for smaller excavators, for example!

Scissor lift trailers

Up to 1500 kg Custom built to make it easy to transport scissor lifts to and from your worksite. Suitable for most scissor lifts.

Fuel Tanker Trailer

500 – 1500L Designed to minimise the hazards of moving diesel, petrol or other fuel types for safe transportation of fuel to a worksite.

Portaloo – Single 

N/A For building sites or catering for a small event, if you are looking to hire a single portaloo then this is what you need to transport it.

Portaloo – Twin

N/A If your work site or event needs a couple of portaloos then this is the trailer for you!

Portaloo – Multiple

N/A Able to transport multiple portaloos, this option is ideal if you are catering for a large event.

Transport Trailers 

Designed for moving vehicles and transporting heavier equipment or materials, these trailers will make relocating vehicles or moving construction equipment a breeze.

If your car isn’t driveable and needs to be moved, these trailers will be ideal for the job. 

Available SizesLoad capacity

Car salvage trailer l up to 4.2m x 2.0m

1600 – 1900 kg

Why hire a trailer from Hirepool?

Trailer’s should be treated like vehicles and need to be both road safe and fit for purpose. Trailers come with ownership costs, and load size and weight limitations as no trailer is suitable for all towing jobs.

Hiring a Hirepool trailer gives you the ideal size and weight capacity for your vehicle and towing needs. You also get peace of mind that you’re using a trailer that’s road worthy.

Hirepool’s trailers are fully maintained to make sure they’re safe for rehire. 

We complete thorough checks after every hire to ensure our trailers are in tip top quality for our next customer. Compare this to your service station trailer, which is hired out back to back. How confident can you be that the wheel won’t fall off driving down the road or for a braked trailer, that the breaks will actually work? 

Same goes if you are thinking of borrowing your neighbour’s or mate’s trailers. When transporting valuable goods like furniture or equipment, you don’t want to risk them not arriving safely due to a trailer fault. Under NZ law you are legally responsible for the trailer. That means any accidents caused as a result of a fault with the trailer sit with you, not the hirer (or the lender). 

If you own a trailer, it might only be suitable for certain jobs. 

If you own a small caged trailer, will you be able to transport a big load of heavy furniture? Probably not! If you want to transport a load of building material, does your trailer have the load capacity you need? You also have to store it and pay the annual costs of Warrant of Fitness and registration just like your vehicle. Combined with the money spent to buy it, it adds up when you think about how often you might use it. 

Hiring rather than buying gives you the ultimate flexibility with the least cost. You can hire trailers to suit your job and can hire for one or multiple days, whatever you need!

So that’s all you need to know about hiring Hirepool trailers! Get in touch with your local Hirepool branch or hire a trailer online to make your towing job a safe and enjoyable experience. We’re equipment hire experts and would love to help you out with any of your towing tasks.