Baitmates-Hunt for a Legend

the hunt is on
for a kingi legend

We’re looking for 3 Tradies to be the stars of the BaitMates Kingi Legend's show.

the prize

The winners will be taken on an all-expenses paid trip to Mangawhai to participate in the legendary Kingi School.

You’ll get to compete in a fish off with the Fishing and Adventure crew and Mandy Kupenga.

We’ll be filming your journey to create the BaitMates Kingi Legend's show*.

to enter

Tell us why you want to be a Kingi Legend in the form below. Show us your passion...

Entries close midnight Wednesday 23 August 2017

Service delivery by Hirepool and Fishing and Adventure .
*T's & C's Apply

NOTE: You must make yourself available for filming on a total of three weekends between August and November and agree to being filmed with the knowledge that Hirepool will be utilising acquired footage in social media at their own discretion.