Baitmates Trade Off : Hirepool

the hunt for a baitmates
snapper legend is on!

We’re looking for 3 tradies to battle it out for the BaitMates Snapper Legend title.

how it works

  1. We'll pick 3 tradies from any corner of NZ to compete in the winter BaitMates Snapper Legend challenge
  2. First you’ll take part in Baitmates Snapper Legend ‘Bootcamp’ where you’ll be put through your paces.
  3. Then we’ll take you up to Northland for an all-expenses experience on and off the water with Fishing Advisors', Mandy Kupenga and the Snapper Legend will be crowned.
  4. And finally the Tradie who wins the Snapper Legend crown will then have an epic fish-off with Scott and Mig from the Fishing and Adventure show on their new boat.
  5. We'll also give you some sweet BaitMates merch to keep you looking sharp.

this competition has closed

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