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Adapters and Accessories

Hire from our range of pump adapters and accessories with Hirepool. We have a range of hose adapters, suction hoses, layflat delivery hoses, trench shores, float switches and other useful accessories to make your dewatering job faster.

Hire pump accessories

From filters, adaptors, float switches or more, our pump accessories will help you  connect to odd fittings, add extra hose length, improving the safety of your job. Before you hire, make sure you check with your local branch about specific availability.

Hire trench shores

Trench shores are ideal for keeping personnel and equipment safe while working in trenches. Our trench shores have a maximum stacking height of up to 3 metres, and an expandable width of up to 1.28 metres.  

Hire pump hoses

Check out our selection of pump hoses, including suction hoses and layflat hoses. We have varying hose nozzle sizes, ranging from 50mm to 200mm, which will fit most pumps. For larger jobs, consider this 200mm suction hose, perfect for your dewatering task. For easier transport and fast transfer of liquids, hire a 200mm layflat hose. It’s fitted with a camlock for secure distribution and can be easily stored.

Get started

It’s simple to hire pump adaptors and accessories with Hirepool. All of our equipment comes with easy to follow operating instructions, so you’ll have no trouble completing your task. Consider talking to a Hirepool expert before you hire. To get started, simply fill out a quick quote form online or visit your nearest Hirepool location.