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Accessories & Attachments

Hire from our selection of concrete accessories and attachments at your local Hirepool branch. We have a wide range of accessories that will help with all your masonry jobs, like concrete mixing, concrete breaking and more.

Hire concrete accessories

Whether you’re completing a small concrete grinding job, or preparing to finish a large concrete surface, our selection of concrete accessories will help.

While you’re cutting concrete, it’s important to reduce dust pollution for safety reasons, and to help see what you’re cutting. Try a portable water tank for when you’re using concrete saws or drills. Please ensure you are using suitable respirators when cutting concrete for protection from dust.

For small or medium sized jobs, you might need to use a concrete breaker. If so, having a range of electric spade and wide chisel attachments will make your job easier. Sharper chisel and spade attachments will make it much faster to complete your concrete breaking project too.

If you’re working with tiles, it may be useful to hire this concrete tile scribe. This helps you easily cut ceramic tiles without breaking them.


Heavy duty concrete breaker attachments

For large concrete breaking jobs, use a hydraulic breaker to attach to an excavator. We have a different attachments depending on which excavator you’re hiring.

If you need to compact an area before filling it, you could use a compactor wheel attached to an excavator. This is particularly helpful for trench work.  


Concrete finishing

If you’re looking for a rougher concrete finish, we also have an easy to use concrete plaster splatter gun. For other finishing jobs, you may need a concrete bull handle attachment or other rakes and attachments to achieve a smooth finish.


Get started

All of our equipment comes with simple to follow operating instructions. We recommend speaking to your local Hirepool branch about availability of our equipment. Simply fill in a quick quote form to get started.