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Get all of the access equipment you need at Hirepool. We've got the equipment you'll need for any task where you require access such as pruning high trees, painting high ceilings, or picking up heavy loads from warehouse storage. We’ve got a range of high quality cherry pickers, scissor lifts, portable scaffolding and other access equipment. All of our gear is safe, compliant and checked every time it leaves the gate. Talk to your local Hirepool expert about your requirements today.

Whenever you’re working from a height, it’s really important to be doing so safely. Have a read of WorkSafe’s guidelines on working at height in New Zealand.

Hirepool can provide you with a complete access service. We are continually investing in the best quality equipment, only from proven access manufacturers to ensure you and your team can safely access the areas you need to get the job done. From scissors to boom lifts, scaffold towers to truck mounted booms, we have all the options, across the country.

Hirepool was the first hire company in NZ to reach tertiary accreditation with ACC. What does this mean? It means we have proven, audited processes to make sure the gear we hire to you is safe, fully compliant and checked each time it leaves the gate. There is a reason that all of the largest construction companies in NZ call on Hirepool first. With the biggest fleet of access machines across the country, and the most access workshops we can get you the gear you need, when you need it. And if there is an issue, we are on call 24/7 to be able to put it right. 

Call us now on 0800 15 15 15 and we’ll get you going.

These IFU's contain information for the safe use and operation of equipment. The are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed.

Hire a scissor lift

Scissor lifts provide you with a sturdy work platform while working high in the air. We stock  a number of scissor lifts depending on the height that you need to work at, from 8m high, 2 wheel scissor lifts to 18m high 4 wheel scissor lifts.

Whether you’re working in construction, painting, warehousing or another industry, a scissor lift will allow you to complete your job faster and much safer. At Hirepool, we offer two different types of scissor lifts - electric and diesel powered. Electric scissor lifts are great for indoor spaces and flat floors, whereas diesel ones are ideal for rough terrain and outdoor use.

Hire a telescopic boom

If you're working in an area with difficult access, a telescopic boom will help you lift supplies and personnel to where you need them. For maximum reach, consider the 22m 4 wheel diesel telescopic boom. For smaller jobs or for driving over rough terrain, this track mounted 14 - 17 m telescopic boom might suit your requirements.

Hire a cherry picker

Cherry pickers are suitable for many different job types, from signwriting to lighting to cleaning. With a number of towable cherry pickers available, such as this 15m cherry picker, you’ll be able to complete painting, tree topping and other jobs easily and effectively.

Get started

Hiring access equipment with Hirepool is simple. All of our equipment comes with easy to follow operating instructions. Before you hire, consider talking to your local Hirepool expert about your specific access requirements.


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