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Hirepool in support of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Hirepool has had a long association with the ARHT.  That became elevated to a new level when a Hirepool staff member’s life was saved by the trust, after which Hirepool had a true understanding the vital role Rescue Helicopter Trusts play in the community.  Hirepool felt compelled to support this essential service to a greater degree.

It is Hirepool’s intention to support all regional Rescue Helicopter Trusts at some level and we are currently in negotiation with a number of them to achieve this.

Hirepool Helps to Propel the Rescue Helicopter Trust

Training pilots and crew for rescue missions has taken a giant leap forward for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust (ARHT) with the launch of their new Flight Simulator.

Developed over a four year period by ARHT chief pilot Dave Walley, the main purpose of the Flight Simulator is to enable pilots and crew to practise instrument and night flying procedures.

Another use for the Simulator, made possible by Hirepool Limited with the provision of a purpose-built trailer to house and transport the new device, will allow the Simulator to become a valuable fund-raiser for the ARHT.

“I would like to thank Hirepool and all those people who have made this possible,” says ARHT Chief Executive, Rea Wikaira. “This will now enable us to train our pilots and crew into the future."

“We are also confident we will get CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) certification so our pilots can use it during training to clock up their approved flying hours. Hirepool has bought in their technology partners Business Technology Group Ltd to assist in ongoing software development to ensure our IT functions are of a quality to make this a reality. This will save us financially as pilots usually have to fly 500 hours per year, which is highly expensive. Being able to use the Simulator, instead of getting a helicopter airborne, will save us time and money.”

The ARHT Simulator, as part of our total sponsorship, is the only one in Auckland and is equipped with a large screen, controls and computer technology that create a unique simulated experience. The software enables just about any New Zealand location to be identified for the flight path.

The purpose-built trailer also enables the Simulator to be transported and used at other venues. This allows more helicopter pilots the ability to train and make sure that their level of skills for making rescue flights is at peak performance. Hirepool provided the design and engineering of the trailer to house the Flight Simulator, as well as a generator to provide off-site power, valued at close to $50,000.