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Hire from our selection of pumps, shoring and other accessories. Whether you're pumping waste materials, dewatering worksites, or need to get rid of fuels or oil, we’ve got the pumping equipment you’ll need. We also have a range of shoring equipment, such as trench shores and other accessories, that you may require to complete your pumping job.

These IFU's contain information for the safe use and operation of equipment. The are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed.

Hire a pump

We stock a range of for-hire pumps, including submersible pumps, dewatering pumps,  centrifugal pumps, air operated pumps and more. Quickly transfer water from your household, worksite or other area with a pump.

If you’re looking to empty the swimming pool or dewater an area during a job, consider this 50mm submersible pump. For slurries or other liquids like oils or fuel, consider hiring a this 75mm centrifugal pump, which can handle small solids.

Hire pump adapters and accessories

Choose from a number of accessories for your dewatering jobs. If you require a hose, we have 200m suction hoses, as well as layflat delivery hoses for the safe distribution of liquids, such as this 200m layflat hose.

For adapting hose sizes and connecting fittings, check out our range of pump accessories.

Alongside dewatering a trench, you may also require extra stability to keep personnel and equipment safe. Consider hiring trench shores for keeping trenches safe and secure.

Get started

Hiring pumps, shoring and other equipment is easy with Hirepool. Depending on your requirements, consider visiting your local Hirepool branch to talk to an expert. To get started, fill out a quick quote form online or go to your nearest Hirepool location.

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