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Hire painting and decorating equipment

Hire from our wide selection of painting and decorating equipment. Depending on the size of your painting and decorating project, we have equipment for both small and large projects. For any painting or decorating task, there are a number of stages, from preparation right through to finishing. For each stage, you might require sanders, drop sheets, heat guns, paint sprayers, ladders or other equipment. Talk to your local Hirepool expert about your needs before you get started.

These IFU's contain information for the safe use and operation of equipment. The are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed.

Hire paint sprayers and attachments

Apply a smooth layer of paint to your car, home or other area with a paint spray gun. Paint spray guns are an economical painting tool that ensure an even finish. We have 2 options available depending on the size of your project. For larger jobs, consider this airless spray painting unit. For smaller jobs, consider this hand-held paint spray gun.

Hire step ladders and ladder extensions

We have a range of ladders available, from 1.3m up to 4.2m. With alloy frames, all of our ladders are lightweight and easy to transport. If your project requires a platform, such as for painting higher areas, consider this 2m ladder. For smaller jobs, try our selection of 1.3 to 1.8 metre ladders. We also have ladder extensions for hire, with up to 9m in height.

It’s important to remember that ladders should only be used to access height and not working at height. You can refer to Worksafe New Zealand’s ladder use guidelines for more information.

Hire paint strippers

It’s important to remove all paint before applying a new coat. This will prevent differences in colour or a poor looking finish. Removing paint can be tough, which is why a paint stripper will help. This heat gun for stripping paint uses hot air to warm up paint before removing it. Combined with a paint scraper, a paint stripper will make your paint removal process much faster.

Hire drop sheets and tarpaulins

For covering stock, machinery, roofs, buildings or other areas consider hiring a tarpaulin. All of our tarpaulins are heavy duty and come with fastening ropes for a secure fit. Take a look at this 4 x 4 metre tarpaulin, or consider this 9m x 6m tarpaulin for covering large areas.

If you’re painting or decorating indoors, a drop sheet will help you catch debris or paint before it gets on furniture or carpet.

Get started

It’s easy to hire painting and decorating equipment with Hirepool. All of our equipment comes with simple to follow operating instructions. Depending on your painting or decorating project, consider talking to your local Hirepool expert about your specific requirements.

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